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The Newton Network

The Newton Network, shown in Figure 4, is a section taken from the Master Network.  All qualifications for a relationship in the Master Network are kept for this network.  However, this network graphs the case files of eight suspects.  In May 1692, the colony's attorney requested eight suspects transferred from Boston to Salem to begin the trials.  These eight  were Bridget Bishop, Sarah Good, Susannah Martin, Rebecca Nurse, Alice Parker, Elizabeth Procter, John Procter, and John Willard


Newton Network data-

Nodes: 456

Edges: 2,449

Average degrees: 10.74

Maximum degrees: 131 (Nurse, Rebecca)

Average Geodesic Distance: 2.83

Maximum Geodesic Distance: 6

Average Betweenness Centrality: 417.48

Maximum Betweenness Centrality: 22333.64 (Nurse, Rebecca)

Average Eigenvector Centrality: .002

Maximum Eigenvector Centrality: .019 (Putnam, Ann Jr.)

Number of Groups by Cluster: 8

Figure 5 shows the network with the lowest proportions to emphasize the edges.  Most of the edges are visible to follow pathways between groups.  The density of edges around Group 1 shows how interconnected it is in comparison to other groups.   

Figure 6 shows the Newton Network groups without the intergroup edges.  Since the edge list for this graph comes from the Master Network edge list, some clusters are similar in shape to the same groups in both graphs.  The groups are named as follows:

1. The Advancing Group

2. The Procter Group

3. The Bishop Group

4. The Nurse Group

5. The Martin Group

6. The Good Group

7-8. Other

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