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Important Figures

Abbott, Nehemiah Jr.

Nehemiah Abbott Jr., a weaver from Topsfield, managed to survive an accusation in April 1692 when during his examination, the accusing girls determined that they confused Abbott for another man.  In fact, the judges ordered Abbott to step outside so the accusers saw him in the light to compare the real Abbott to the specter they witnesses afflicting them.  The man they claimed afflicted them "had a bunch on his eyes," and since Abbott was "a hilly faced man and stood shaded by reason of his own hair," so bystanders believed he matched the description.  Once all the accusers recanted their accusation, he went home free to his wife Abigail Loveyjoy Abbott.

Addington, Isaac

Isaac Addington (c. 1644-1715) lived in Boston where he worked as a surgeon, legislator, magistrate, and a deacon of Boston's First Church.  He married Elizabeth Bowen in 1669 and later remarried in 1713 to Elizabeth Wainwright.  In 1692, he worked as the Secretary of the Province, so the Attorney General Thomas Newton requested prisoner transfers in May of 1692 through Addington to begin the trials.  Although his involvement in the trials was mostly indirect through legal business of the colony and signing documents for compensation claims years later, Addington attended the examination of Elizabeth Procter and Sarah Cloyce in April 1692.  He died around 1715.

Andrew, Daniel

Daniel Andrew (c.1644-1702) successfully fled Salem Village after being named as a witch.  His wife Sarah was from the Porter family and his sister Rebecca married George Jacobs Jr., tying him to two important families in this history.

Andros, Edmund

Arnold, John

Ballard, Elizabeth

Ballard, Joseph

Barker, William Sr.

Barker, William Jr.

Barnard, Thomas Rev.

Bayley, James Rev.

Bayley, Mary

Bishop, Bridget

Bradbury, Mary

Bradbury, Thomas

Bradstreet, Simon

Burroughs, George Rev.

Calef, Robert

Carr, George

Carrier, Martha

Carrier, Richard

Charles II

Checkley, Anthony

Cheever, Ezekiel

Churchill, Sarah

Cloyce, Sarah

Colson, Elizabeth

Corey, Giles

Corey, Martha

Corwin, George

Corwin, Jonathan

Dane, Deliverance

Dane, Francis Rev.

Denmark, Bridget

Dustin, Lydia

Easty, Mary

English, Mary

English, Philip

Foster, Ann

Gedney, Bartholomew

Good, Dorothy

Good, Sarah

Griggs, William

Hale, John Rev.

Hathorne, John

Herrick, George

Higginson, John Rev.

Hoar, Dorcas

Hobbes, Abigail

Hobbes, Deliverance

Howe, Elizabeth

Hubbard, Elizabeth

Indian, John

Ingersoll, Nathaniel

Jacobs, George Sr.

Jacobs, George Jr.

Jacobs, Margaret

James II

Lacey, Mary Sr.

Lacey, Mary Jr.

Lawson, Deodat Rev.

Lewis, Mercy

Martin, Abigail

Martin, Susannah

Mather, Cotton Rev.

Mather, Increase Rev.

Moody, Joshua Rev.

Newton, Thomas

Noyes, Nicholas Rev.

Nurse, Francis

Nurse, Rebecca

Osborne, Alexander

Osborne, Sarah

Parker, Alice

Parker, Mary

Parris, Betty

Parris, Samuel

Phelps, Sarah

Phips, William

Pike, Robert

Pope, Bathshua

Porter, Elizabeth

Porter, Israel

Prince, Richard

Procter, Elizabeth

Procter, John

Pudeator, Ann

Putnam, Ann (Holyoke)

Putnam, Ann Sr.

Putnam Ann Jr.

Putnam, Edward

Putnam, John Sr.

Putnam, John Jr.

Putnam, Joseph

Putnam, Mary (Vern)

Putnam, Nathaniel

Putnam, Rebecca

Putnam, Thomas Sr.

Putnam, Thomas Jr.

Redd, Wilmot

Richards, John

Saltonstall, Nathaniel

Scott, Margaret

Sewall, Samuel

Sewall, Stephan

Sheldon, Susannah

Sprague, Martha

Stoughton, William

Thatcher, Margaret


Toothaker, Mary

Toothaker, Roger

Walcott, Jonathan

Walcott, Mary

Wardwell, Samuel

Wardwell, Sarah

Warren, Mary

Wildes, Sarah

Willard, John

Willard, Samuel Rev.

Willard, Simon

William III

Williams, Abigail

Winthrop, Wait-still

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