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Figure 10 shows a pie chart of the Known First Accusations.  Of the 177 accusations found in Records of the Salem Witch-Hunt, 81 have a clear distinction for who first named the suspect.  The accusations not included here are 77 undeterminable and 19 unknown.  The undeterminable status comes from accusations where a number of accusers are listed, but no date or timeline for who first named the suspect is distinguished.  For most, this is from the list of accusers complaining about a suspect listed on the arrest warrant when few, if any, other documents from the case still exist.  The unknown status is from suspects where there is a record of an accusation, but no accusers mentioned in a document.  These cases include those known to be accused, but the accusation was never acted upon such as Nathaniel Saltonstall.  The rumors of the accusation exist, but no details other than the accusation occurred during the trials.

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