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Dan Howlett's Thesis Project
About Salem Networks

In fall 2012, Dan Howlett began researching the Salem Witch Trials for a high school project at St. John's Prep in Danvers, MA.  When he started college at The George Washington University in 2013, he continued his investigation and expanded on it.  Professor Diane Cline introduced Dan to NodeXL and social network analysis in a course on digital humanities.  After a year of building the core network with a grant from the GW History department, the project began showing results.  Several discoveries on the influence of Thomas Putnam were included in his presentation at GW Research Days in March 2016.  In Spring 2017, he created this website as a digital humanities thesis project for Prof. Stott's thesis seminar.


Howlett has worked in public history serving as a docent at the Jonathan Corwin House and Museum (colloquially known at the Witch House) in Salem, MA.  He has also consulted on projects about the Salem Witch Trials. 


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