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Salem Networks

Welcome to Salem Networks by Daniel Howlett.  This site serves as Howlett's undergraduate senior thesis.  This project graphs a social network analysis of the Salem Witch Trials through 3 different networks.  It includes the Master Network, a graph showing all the interactions in the 1692-3 court records; the Newton Network, a graph of eight case files; and the Spectral Network, a graph showing the specters that appeared together during the trials.  It also includes an analysis of the Known First Accusation made during the trials.  If you follow the tabs at the top of the page, it will take you section by section.  First is an overview of the Salem Witch Trials which can be skipped if you are caught up on your history.  Next, Salem Networks presents the methods and data of each network and the accusations.  It includes a section on social network analysis for those unfamiliar with the terminology used in the website.  The Analysis section discusses aspects of each data section.  You can either view all the data sections first and then continue to Analysis or flip back and forth as you read through the site.  The About section will provide background on the project.  All sources are listed in the Bibliography section.

All the work on this site is the intellectual property of  Daniel Howlett and should not be reproduced without a proper citation or acknowledgment.

When documents are quoted and referenced on this site, the spelling and dates have been standardized for the ease of the reader.

Updates to the site will continue over time after the thesis is handed in and graded.  There isn't necessarily a final product given the breadth of research that can be done with digital humanities and social network analysis.